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After the success of the first series, the Cloneboy team developed a complete new Cloneboy product line.

The simplicity of the kit enables you to create your own Clone in a few easy steps, with perfect results every time.

Unlike other clone kits, Cloneboy always gives a second chance to make another mould if the first mould fails, a lasso cock ring ensuring you keep an erection during the moulding process, is far easier to use with a longer 3 minute mould setting time and has an added stimulation sleeve that can be used with your creation of your own penis!

The kit is suitable for penises of all sizes. Even bent ones.

The Cloneboy Cast Your Own Dildo kit contains all the necessary items to make a silicone rubber copy of your penis either alone, or together with your partner.

The Cloneboy contains no plaster that can irritate the skin and uses a medically tested moulding material made from natural algae.