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For connoisseurs of cockrings who like to make it fun, the Kit Neon Ring features three essentials rings for a variety of pleasures.

Ultra-smooth and designed to fit all sizes, your sex life has never been that colorful before!

With your Kit Neon Ring, all you have to do is play with possibilities and mix your sensations.


  • 100% liquid silicone for green & orange cockring
  • Silicone for pink cockring
  • Stretchy & flexible
  • Waterproof
  • Green = 4,5cm X 4cm X Ø2.5cm X Ø3cm / 1,7’’ X 1,5’’ X Ø0,98’’
  • Pink = 20cm X Ø3cm min X Ø6 m max / 7’’ X 1,18’ ’X 2,36’’
  • Orange = 4.8cm X 0.8cm X Ø3cm / 1,8’’ X 0,31’’ X 0,7’’


  • Multi-use : 3 models of cockring to diversify pleasure
  • Maintains and prolongs erection
  • Ultra soft touch for best use
  • Extra comfort during use for limitless orgasms