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Indulge in curiosity and playfulness

The Curious imitation leather harness will arouse desire and curiosity with its voluptuous, timeless styling and unique design.

Designed to be adjustable and comfortable, you have complete freedom of movement. Curious is a novelty product that now comes equipped with two adjustable belts ranging from XS-M to L-XXL, beautifully accentuating your waist with the adjustable thigh straps magnifying your curves. The front of the harness sports a double stretchy silicone ring to insert the dildo of your choice.

A little added extra : use the second belt as a handcuff to spice up your bonding moments. Curious brings the promise of a unique union with your significant other!

Available in bronze, the Curious comes in 4 new emotional and timeless colours : holographic rose gold, metallic blue, metallic green and fuchsia.

Give free rein to your imagination and dare to live all the fantasies!

  • 95%PU–3%Nylon–1%Nitrile–1%Spandex

  • NEW : 2 adjustable belts : XS-M & L-XXL in the same package

  • Adjustable waist and strap to fit all body types

  • Compatible with all SOM dildos
  • Ideal for pegging 
  • Designed to be won with ease and comfort 
  • EXTRA TIP : use the second belt as a handcuff to spice up your games